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The Power of the Flower

Giving the gift of flowers is a beautiful, and powerful way to show someone you care, or are thinking about them in a special way. Not only do they smell lovely, but flowers of any kind are very pleasing to the eye. Flowers enrich all the senses! Yes, even 'taste'... flowers are now being placed upon decorative cake creations, and certain flowers are even edible, and used on top of foods, to be gobbled up and eaten. Flowers play a big part in our lives, and can change our moods and emotional states, just by looking at them, or smelling their wondrous scents. Flowers can, and will, evoke many emotions from within. Whether it may be a happy occasion, or a more sombre one, flowers can lift up our spirits, and can often transcend us to another time and place. Believe in 'The Power of the Flower'... they are a blessing to this earth, and a marvelous creation of life, and love. Each and every one is unique and significant in it's own right, and resembles some of the truest and purest forms of beauty, and of the divine creations this earth has to offer. Giving the gift of flowers IS definitively a powerful gesture.

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