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A Mother's Day message from the Heart

Sending flowers to mum on Mother’s Day, signifies so much more than just a Happy Mother’s Day – it shows her that you are thinking of her, and that you care. It signifies nature’s beautiful gifts born of the Earth, just like your mum gifted you to the world.. it is our turn to really show mum that our love for her is in full bloom this Mother’s Day.

Take it from me, I'm a Mum, and all I really ever want is 'words on a card' (even a piece of scrap paper will do just fine). We encourage, and will happily assist you, with some beautiful words to write Mum this Sunday, and make her heart melt.

Mother's Day is not all 'roses' for a lot of people. It is, indeed, a very heartbreaking time of the year for many. If your mum is watching over you from nearby, we have beautiful coloured potted flowering plants for you (at no cost), perfect for planting nearby in remembrance at her resting place, or beside her picture at home, or in her favourite spot in the garden… look for the signs, she is with us in spirit, our Mother will never ever truly leave our side, and she will always be with us in our hearts for all eternity. We never stop being a Mum, if our child is with us, or just nearby. My love goes out to the beautiful ladies who, for whatever reason, could not have a child of her own, or perhaps chose not to have children in her life plan. So many beautiful, unique women, with a different story in their hearts, bless each of you. We love you without judgement. Besides, many ladies are the most incredible Mums to their lucky little fur babies! We love it when you come and visit us in the shop.

Some mother/child relationships can be so challenging, and strained for a variety of reasons – and I know how tough that can be for a lot of people.. If you are having a tough time, either with your Mum, or with your child/children, please be kind to yourself, and know that your feelings are valid, and they matter. We don’t live in a perfect world, life never fails to test us, bringing us to our knees often. We are human, and we all make mistakes, sometimes we just need to take a deep breath, and be at peace with whatever the outcome is for now.. we can’t control every situation, and we all need to look after our own hearts, our mind, and our well-being. If it arises that there is an opening in the window for repair, or even just a smile, or hug, phone call or a text message.. take it, it may be the last chance before the window becomes closed again.

This Mother's Day, we wish you peace & contentment in your heart, and a smile to your face.

Sending you love, hugs and prayers for a positive journey forward.

The team @Butterflies Florist

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