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Butterflies Florist Camden re-opens 2019!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Happy New Year beautiful people, and welcome back to the routines of everyday life! :) But alas! The kids are still on school holidays, so there is still much fun to be had! Hopefully everyone enjoyed their break, and the festivities of 2018/2019. Our hearts go out to those that didn't perhaps even get any time off.. :( Your time will come. Patience and prayer.

Angela has sold her beloved florist shop, and we wish her the very best of good health, happiness and every success in her new adventures along her journey in life. Angie will still be around, and helping out in the shop here and there. She has made a big impact, and will be missed by her customers and local community. Mother and daughter, Larraine and Donna, are extremely excited to re-open Butterflies and begin trading for 2019. Donna is bringing her balloon business into the shop also, so there will be a new and fresh element to what is now available to order in the shop. Larraine has worked for Butterflies Florist for the best part of 6 years, and is very much looking forward to welcoming her regular customers, and the new.

Have a wonderful start to the year everyone, and may it carry on throughout. Looking forward to welcoming everyone.

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